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American College of Physicians recommends use of sheepskin.

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In the above article, the ACP recommends:

"For patients who are at increased risk of developing bedsores, ACP recommends that physicians choose an advanced static mattress (a mattress made of foam or gel that does not move when a person lies on it) or an advanced static overlay (a material such as sheepskin or a pad filled with air, water, gel, or foam that is secured to the top of a bed mattress), which are associated with a lower risk of bedsores compared to standard hospital mattresses. Advanced static mattresses and overlays are also less expensive than alternating air or low-air-loss mattresses and they can be used as part of multicomponent approach to bedsore prevention."

New Wool Products from Australia have just Arrived.

Check out our NEW Wool products from Australia...you will be pleased that you did!Click on any Catalogue Number to see the product details and to Order.M118..Nursing Fleece Wool Dialysis Chair PadF103A..Nursing Fleece Wool Wheelchair Seat PadF103B..Nursing Fleece Wool Wheelchair PadF103C..Nursing Fleece Wool Bed PadM162..Wooly FootywarmersM129D..Pillow Soft..the Wool pillow cover SC110..Shear Comfort Elbow PadsW103C..Woolskin- 2 x 5.0L  [...]

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Merino Hospital Nursing Fleece arriving NEXT week!

Hospital Nursing Fleece pads have the best properties that wool has to offer.Hospital Nursing Fleece Pads come in 3 sizes:. 17" x 18" ..Seat Pads.18" x 36" ..Wheelchair Pads. 30" x 60" .. Bed PadsThese pads provide excellent Pressure Sore Prevention with their fine Merino wool 1050 gram/square meter pile. Of particular note is their ease [...]

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Pressure Sore Prevention for Wheelchair users.

Pressure sore prevention for those using a wheelchair is a continual challenge. Enhance comfort and get protection from:  the Pressure Smart XD 1900 Cushion-Its ( M105XD) Medical sheepskin foot plate covers ( M126B or M126G )Medical Sheepskin wheelchair arm pads ( (M125B or M125G or SC125XD)Click on Catalogue numbers for product details.

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American College of Physicians recommends " advanced static Mattresses or advanced static overlays" for pressure sore prevention! March 2015:

Patients at risk for pressure ulcers should receive advanced static mattresses or advanced static overlays instead of traditional hospital mattresses, as they have been shown to lower the risk for pressure ulcers, and are deemed more cost-effective. In contrast, the ACP advises against using alternating-air mattresses or alternating-air overlays, as there is no strong evidence [...]

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Pressure Sore Prevention using Merino Wool:

The latest development in wool technology in Australia has produced a Merino wool fleece with a greater pile density than most sheepskins. This means that greater pressure reduction is achieved with a consequent lower probability of getting a pressure sore.This new technology is called: Pressure Smart XD1900. Created on a large round sliverknit machine, Pressure [...]

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Bedsore Prevention and Pressure Sore Prevention

It is now possible for you to prevent the development of pressure sores and bedsores in the person you care for. Now, Australian Medical Sheepskins are available for this important nurturing task.Pressure sores can take only 20 minutes to develop and may take up to 6 months to heal. Be pro-active with bedsore prevention [...]

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