Merino LambswoolWrap Around Booties: M161

Posted by Down-Under Wool on 4th Feb 2018

Merino Lambswool Wrap Around Booties: M161Developed for people with poor foot circulation and those who have foot issues which require protection.Wrap Around Booties open up completely for first time … read more

Wool- for comfort, protection and warmth:

7th Jan 2018

Wool..the miracle fibre, has  been used for protection and warmth for centuries. Research and technology has extended the usage and washability of wool and sheepskin. Wool can now be treated to a … read more

Australian Wool Prices Peak to Record Level: November 2017

Posted by Down-Under Wool on 3rd Nov 2017

Australian Wool is sold by auction. Raw Wool is sold by the bale. Wool is classified as: FINE: 16.5-19.0 microns                        … read more

30mm or Not!

Posted by Down-Under Wool on 6th Oct 2017

                                                        &nbs … read more

UR or not UR?

Posted by Down-Under Wool on 29th Sep 2017

Sheepskins can be tanned in many ways; some techniques have been used for centuries. Depending on the tanning process used, a sheepskin may be washable or not. All washable sheepskins should be launde … read more