Merino Wool Pads

Merino Wool Pads

Posted by Down-Under Wool on 11th Nov 2018

Merino wool, shorn from the sheep. is now a very valuable commodity and is used extensively for high end clothing. This is no accident. The special properties of fine wool make it an ideal garment fibre. 

Merino wool is also used extensively in the healthcare industry. Wool have been shown. in clinical trials, to provide an effective surface for the prevention of pressure sores. Wool can be knitted into a backing material; using the sliverknit process. The resulting products are:

1. Pressure Smart XD1900: 

Pressure SmartXD1900: Cushion-It

2. Hospital Nursing Fleece:

Hospital Nursing Fleece: F103

Both products are made from fine Merino wool. They are machine wash and  dry;making them easy to care for. These Pure New Wool products have a very high pile density, comforting and give very good pressure reduction.- making them ideal for people confined to a bed or wheelchair.

Incontinence is not an issue with these products. Washability is great. Wash in Woolskin for best care. Woolskin conditions and disinfects.

Hospital Nursing Fleece and Pressure Smart XD1900 are available in many sizes and shapes. Click: "OnLine Store" to see the range of products.