WOOL Pillows Will Win Your Love :

WOOL Pillows Will Win Your Love :

20th Aug 2022

WOOL pillows and pillow covers are an excellent choice for luxury and relaxation. This is so that people can take advantage of WOOL softness, antimicrobial properties, and moisture-retention abilities. These are all great reasons to enjoy pillows and pillow covers made of WOOL.

Have you heard of the advantages of pillows made of WOOL?  In that case, you are in the right place. Here, we have covered a few benefits of WOOL  pillows, including improving your comfort, regulating your body temperature, and getting a good night's sleep.

1. WOOL Pillows Are Hypoallergenic:

Authentic WOOL pillows and pillow covers are ideal for people with allergies. Wool is hypoallergenic because it contains natural oils that stop dust mites, mildew, and other fungi from growing and taking hold. 

If you or someone you love has asthma or is sensitive to house dust, WOOL pillows can offer comfort. However, although WOOL  pillowcases are hypoallergenic, allergic responses can still happen. Simply put, using these wool pillows reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions compared to using other pillows made from synthetic fibers.

2. WOOL Helps to Regulate Body Temperature:

Pillows made of pure WOOL, as opposed to those made of fake or synthetic sheepskin, can breathe. Without getting too technical, it means that air constantly and freely circulates between the fibers of wool. This trapped air helps to regulate your body temperature, preventing you from overheating on hot days or keeping you warm on frigid nights. 

Furthermore, WOOL is a fantastic tool for regulating newborn babies' body temperatures. 

3. WOOL Pillows Promote Good Sleep:

Because of their ability to naturally regulate body temperature and their thick, dense natural wool texture, sheepskin pillows are the best for sleeping. Adjustable WOOL pillows will not give you headaches or strain your neck, making them excellent for use as head support while resting or sleeping. In short, they are a great complement to your bedding, making every night better.

4. WOOL Pillows Are Machine Washable:

It's a common misconception that just because something is fuzzy, it's hard to clean. However, the issue is quite different when referring to Wool pillows and pillow covers. It is easy to clean a WOOL pillow at home. Remove the pillow from its cover and wash it in lukewarm water with WOOLSKIN detergent. Spot clean any soiled areas with a white cloth dipped in warm water.

WOOL pillows and covers are easy to maintain and clean.  Both can be machine dried with low heat. WOOL does not do well at high temperatures.

5. WOOL Pillows Are Therapeutic:

For those suffering from bedsores or pressure sores, products made of WOOL are helpful. Bed sores are caused by pressure, friction, and dampness, all of which are decreased by WOOL. When your body is immobile for an extended period, pressure sores develop and with continuing tissue compression skin breakdown occurs. The low friction surface of WOOL  reduces the possibility of the skin tearing.

WOOL retains its dryness even while absorbing a significant amount of moisture, up to 30% of its dry weight. Individuals perspire while lying in bed, This moisture can be absorbed by a WOOL pillow or pillow cover.

Elderly people recovering from surgery or simply on bed rest, people with limited mobility, and pregnant women in their third trimester are all perfect beneficiaries of WOOL pillows. Additionally, they make great nursing pillows.


In conclusion, our WOOL pillows and Pillow Covers are of high quality, have many benefits, and are a great investment. They are allergy-resistant, soothing, and have therapeutic properties. Further, WOOL pillows and pillow covers are surefire strategies for true comfort, temperature regulation, and good sleep. Once you use these WOOL pillows, you will never want anything else. A Better night's Sleep; every night!