Brands: Down-Under Wool



WOOL really is the Natural Fibre of the century. Never has the demand for quality Australian Wool been higher. Down-Under Wool ( the company located in Niagara Falls, Ontario) only imports the very best wool that Australia produces.

Down-Under Wool is a family owned company founded to assist people who are confined to a bed or wheelchair.  Medical sheepskins have long been used for such care but have been limited in their use because of their poor washability.

In 1998, the CSIRO developed a technique for laundering and disinfecting Australian Sheepskin. This has led to a range of products which have been instrumental in reducing and even eliminating pressure sores. Clinical trials have shown their effectiveness; resulting in widespread use around the world.

Down-Under Wool imports these certified Australian Medical Sheepskins and products made from them. Their quality and comforting properties remain unsurpassed by any other available in the current marketplace. 

Down-Under Wool has also been instrumental in having Australian manufacturers produce other wool and medical sheepskin products for pressure sore prevention. These exclusive products include Merino Lambswool Wrap Booties (M161), Medical Sheepskin Boots with a Hard Sole ( M170H), Merino Lambswool Pillow Cover ( M129D), Hospital Nursing Fleece ( F103) and Merino Footwarmers ( M160)

Down-Under Wool is the North American agent for Shear Comfort and Woolskin.

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