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Wheelchairs and Walkers are generally not comfortable and, for those who must use them continually, a constant source of aggravation. Significantly improved Wheelchair comfort and Pressure Sore Prevention can be achieved with the use of Australian Medical Sheepskin, Pressure Smart XD1900 and Nursing Fleece products.

Being comfortable and protected against the development of pressure sores is a challenge for all who use a wheelchair. The use of Pressure Smart XD1900 Wheelchair Pads will add comfort and pressure sore prevention. 


Pressure points (‚óŹ) develop in many places while sitting in a wheelchair (see left) Pressure reduction at these points will help to prevent pressure sores. Pressure Smart XD1900 products not only lessen the pressure at these points, they will also reduce skin moisture and shear.

Pressure sores often develop as a result of skin friction (shear) and frequently the skin will tear when a person moves. With the use of Australian Medical Sheepskins and Pressure Smart XD products, the skin is less likely to tear and turn into a sore or ulcer.  




Pressure Smart XD Cushion-It:

HiTemp UR Seat Pad

Nursing Fleece Seat Pad


Catalogue Number








 m105xd1.jpg  m128as-back.jpg  f103.jpg





18” X 22”

16” X 19’

18” X 20”





Pressure Smart XD1900

HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin

Merino Nursing Fleece

Wool Pile Density:

(GSM= Grams per square metre) 


2300  GSM

3000 GSM

1050 GSM




Nursing Fleece Chair Pad

Wheelchair Arm


Wheelchair Foot

Plate Covers 

 Catalogue Number


M125 + SC125XD



 f103b.jpg  sc125xd3.jpg  m126large.jpg




18” X 36”

14” X 3”

8” X 9”




Merino  Nursing Fleece

Medical Sheepskin and Pressure Smart XD1900

HiTemp Medical Sheepskin

Wool Pile Density

GSM= Grams per square metre

1050 GSM

2300 GSM

3000 GSM