Lambswool Footwarmers: XS, S, M, XL

Lambswool Footwarmers: XS, S, M, XL

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Lambswool Footwarmers: XS, S, M, XL


Lambswool Footwarmers are designed to keep feet warm and protected while in bed. Made from Hospital Nursing Fleece, Lambswool Footwarmers fit as would a normal heavy sock. The ribbed top goes around the ankle to assist retention on the foot. Principally used by diabetic patients who have reduced circulation in their feet and others who always seem to have cold feet.

Please Note: Not all footwarmers have a green sock top. Some are a champagne colour.

Available in 4 sizes:

                                    XS- 8.5" Outer Sole Length 

                                      S - 9"

                                      M - 9.5"

                                      XL - 10.5"      

Outer sole length measurements are provided as a guide for easy fitting. Foot length should be about 1" shorter than the Outer Sole length.

                                                             Sold in pairs.



Machine washable. We recommend that you use Woolskin to clean, to condition the wool and for disinfection.

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