Lambswool Limb Sleeve: M117

Lambswool Limb Sleeve (Knee & Elbow): L,XL

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Lambswool Limb (Knee & Elbow ) Sleeves: L,XL

Knee Warmers / Elbow Warmers = Lambswool Limb Sleeves.  Made from luxurious Merino Lambswool, each limb sleeve is a cylinder of fine lambswool with a stretchy ribbed cuff at each end. The Lambswool Limb Sleeve is usually used for knee and elbow protection and warmth. Also used by people who are prone to skin damage from the occasional knock or bump. Clients with arthritic elbows and knees, tennis elbow etc have derived great benefit from these Limb Sleeves when used in bed or even 24/7.

Available in 2 sizes which differ in circumference:

  • Large -          11"circumference  x 10"long
  • Extra Large - 13" circumference  x 10" long

 Each package contains 1 pair of Limb Sleeves. 



Machine wash in Woolskin for best care. Woolskin cleans, conditions and disinfects the wool. Machine dry with low heat and minimal agitation.  Do not over dry. Wool does best with 15% residual moisture.


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