Lambswool Wrap Booties: M161

Merino Lambswool Wrap Booties- one size fits all:

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 Merino Lambswool Wrap Booties:

 Designed by Down-Under Wool and manuctured in Australia:

Lambswool Wrap Booties (M161) are designed to wrap the foot in protective and soothing Merino lambswool.  The foot is placed on the sole. The side flaps then wrap around the foot. The side flaps are kept in place by velcro straps. The Lambswool Wrap Booties are ideal for people who have foot abrasion while in bed or recent foot surgery. The lambswool provides pressure reduction and moisture absorption with reduced shear...the 3 major causes of pressure sores.  ONE SIZE fits all.    Sold in Pairs:

Lambswool Wrap Booties mold to your foot shape better after the first wash; providing a soft, protective and warming foot enclosure.

What is unique about this product?

  • Designed by Down-Under Wool and manufactured in Australia for Down-Under Wool.
  • Only available from Down-Under Wool
  • Totally adjustable Merino Wool Booties.
  • Machine wash and dry.


Machine wash in Woolskin. Can be dried in the dryer. Do not overdry, since wool does best with 15% residual moisture.

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