XD1900 Wheelchair Arm Pads- Pair

Shear Comfort Pressure Smart Wheelchair Armrest Supports ( pair) -Blue

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Pressure Smart XD Wheelchair Armrest Supports:

Pressure Smart XD Wheelchair Armrest Supports offer the ultimate in Wool comfort for wheelchair users. These Merino Wool wheelchair arm pads are held in place with 3 velcro straps. The 1900g/square meter Merino wool offers maximum pressure reduction and moisture absorption.  Each arm pad is 13.5" long X  5.0" wide.

Some customers have also used these for toilet frame/comode frame comfort enhancers. Armrest Supports are sold in pairs.

Match with Shear Comfort Cushion-Its:  SC105XD 


Machine wash in Woolskin. Use Wool Cycle or Gentle slow agitation cycle. Dry in dryer in low heat. Remove before completely dry: Wool does best with 15% residual moisture.

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