M115S: Sheepskin Hand Posies with Spacer

Sheepskin Hand Posies with Spacer - Pair

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Sheepskin Hand Posies with Spacer - Pair:

 Economical and functional:


Washable Sheepskin Hand Posies ( Palm Protectors) with spacer are made from Australian HiTemp Medical Sheepskin. They are placed on the palm of the hand and have an elastic strap to keep it in place. The spacer is in the middle of the sheepskin cylinder.


Most people purchase these posies because the size of the insert can be easily adjusted. If a larger spacer is required, it is easy to add. If the spacer is too big, it can be easily made smaller with a sharp knife.

Ideal for people who have protracted fingers. Sheepskin Hand Posies protect the palm from damage. The HiTemp Medical Sheepskin reduces pressure and absorbs moisture to allow good air circulation through the palm of the hand. Sheepskin Hand Posies stop palm-skin breakdown.


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Both products are sold in pairs.




Machine wash in Woolskin. Woolskin will disinfect and condition the Sheepskin.  Air dry.



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