Sheepskin & Wool Care

Wool- the Miracle Fibre, does best when it is cared for. Regular washing and drying will ensure the wool product stays at its best. And wool does best when it has 15% residual moisture. That means you need to be careful not to over-dry your wool product.

Washable Sheepskin should be washed in Woolskin. Normal household detergents will permanently damage the leather of sheepskin. Woolskin is the new Sheepskin Detergent and Conditioner, developed by the tanning industry in Australia. This product ensures that the wool and leather are cleaned and disinfected. Woolskin also conditions the leather to make sure it remains soft and supple.

Woolskin will increase the longevity of all washable sheepskin products. Woolskin contains Tea Tree Oil and Myrtle Tree Oil, well know natural products with fungicide, antibacterial and miticide properties. Use Woolskin for washing all products that are made of washable sheepskin ( NB: NOT ALL sheepskin is washable), Pressure SmartXD 1900 products, silk, synthetic fleece and hitech fabrics.  

Click Woolskin to learn about how Woolskin cleans, conditions and disinfects wool and sheepskin products. Click washing wool to learn how to clean, condition and disinfect wool and sheepskin products.