T216: SnugSleep Wool Pillow- Queen

Wool Pillow- Queen Size

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 Wool Filled Pillows- Queen Size

Sleep on a Wool Pillow - the only pillow you will ever need. The finest loose wool knop fill ( balls of wool) provides the ultimate in support, comfort and correct neck alignment.

Conforming easily to accommodate side, back and stomach sleepers, the Wool Knops Pillow ensures correct head support and spinal alignment regardless of the sleeping position. With wool's unique moisture control properties, dampness in the neck area is eliminated, greatly reducing problems with neck stiffness and joint pain.


                                                                                                                          Wool Knops in Pillow

The Wool Knop Pillow - the ultimate in customized pillow comfort and support.

The zippered unbleached cotton cover provides ease of laundering and allows removal or addition of wool fill. With this Wool Filled Pillow there is complete adjustment for individual sleeping preferences.


Any time re-fluffing: Place pillow (2 max) in the dryer with a wet ( wrung out) towel. Tumble for 5 - 8  minutes on "medium heat".  Remove from dyer and allow to cool before use.

Laundering: 2 Choices:

  1. Wash Pillow cover. Unzip cover and pour filling into a plastic bag. Machine wash in Woolskin and dry the cotton cover. Refill pillow.
  2. Hand Wash whole pillow: Fill tub with luke warm water and Woolskin. Push pillow down into the water. Do not agitate. Gently squeeze. Drain tub and refill with cool water with the pillow still in the tub. Drain tub with pillow still in the tub and then put pillow in the washing machine. Spin dry to remove excess water. Then place pillow in the dryer on medium heat for 5 min ( max). Remove and allow to air dry.


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