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Down-Under Wool develops and supplies Australian Medical Sheepskin and Merino Wool products. These products Prevent and Treat Pressure Sores, Bedsores and Decubitus Ulcers.

Our primary goal is to prevent Pressure Sores in people who are confined to a bed or chair. Pressure sores are painful and preventable in most cases. Our premium quality Australian Wool products have been proven effective in clinical trials and are being used successfully around the world.

Down-Under Wool works with the major manufacturers of Medical Sheepskin and Merino Wool Products in Australia. Because of this, Down-Under Wool is the leading supplier of highest quality Australian Medical Sheepskin and Merino Wool products in Canada and the USA.

Down-Under Wool began servicing the Home Health Care industry with Australian Medical Sheepskin and Merino Wool products back in 1988. Since then, it has expanded its product line to address the increasing need for products that prevent and treat bedsores, pressure sores and decubitus ulcers. The major breakthrough in prevention and treatment came about in 1998. It was then that "Standards Australia" created a new standard for sheepskin quality and properties. It is known as: AS4480.1

The stamp (AS 4480.1) shown below , placed on an authentic Australian Medical Sheepskin product. ensures the quality and properties of that product.

More recent advances in wool preparation and sheepskin tanning technology have enabled the development of many new products with value added properties. Now it is possible to safely machine wash all of our Medical Sheepskin and Lambswool products.

Down-Under Wool products are now available in Home Health Care stores throughout Canada and in some stores in the USA. They are also available world-wide via our secure Online Store.

All products from Down-Under Wool are from Australian Sheepskin and Merino Wool and are the best available.

Down-Under Wool only imports premium sheepskin and wool products from Australia and guarantees their authenticity and quality. Our products are backed by clinical trials and years of use in hospitals, nursing and private homes. All items listed on our web site and On-Line store are in stock at our Niagara Falls (Ontario) warehouse; ready for immediate shipping worldwide.

Medical Sheepskin and Merino Wool have been shown to be effective in reducing the possibility of a client developing pressure sores. Judicious use of our products has repeatedly shown very effective pressure sore prevention for people confined to a bed or wheelchair.

All of our products are imported from Australia or assembled in Canada from Australian Medical Sheepskin and Merino wool. We only supply the very best that Australia has to offer. Some of our products are manufactured in Australia exclusively for Down-Under Wool.

Please Note: All items processed in our Online Store are in US Dollars. Canadian customers can pay for their order in CAD by calling 1-800-463-1985.

All products exhibited in our Online Store are on hand and ready for immediate shipping. These products are guaranteed by Down-Under Wool to be free of defects. If you believe you have received a defective product, please click Contact Us for an immediate solution.

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