Which is the best? Green or Blue?

Posted by Down-Under Wool on 30th Jul 2019

Customers often ask us" Which is better..the green or the blue product?" Well it all is often the case.The feel or hand of the green Medical Sheepskins is softer, silkier and may have a g … read more

Cerified Australian Medical Sheepskin

Posted by Down-Under Wool on 23rd Jul 2019

If you want a premium quality Medical Sheepskin that is:1. Certified by Standards Australia2. Tested and proven effective in clinical trials3. Guaranteed to provide protection for up to 50 washes in W … read more
Merino Wool Pads

Merino Wool Pads

Posted by Down-Under Wool on 11th Nov 2018

Merino wool, shorn from the sheep. is now a very valuable commodity and is used extensively for high end clothing. This is no accident. The special properties of fine wool make it an ideal garment fib … read more

Why Medical Sheepskin?

Posted by Down-Under Wool on 19th Oct 2018

Sheepskin has been used for its therapeutic value and for comfort for hundreds of years.however, it had its drawbacks when it was used in institutions. The sheepskin was often thrown into the "general … read more

Bedsores/ Pressure Sores in Canada

Posted by CBC News on 7th Aug 2018

The CBC reported today:"Bedsores seriously under-reported, health-care experts say"The report indicated that bedsores may be more common in hospitals and long term care homes than previously thought. … read more