Nursing Home Care

Nursing Home Care

Pressure Sore Prevention is now possible with the judicious use of Australian Medical Sheepskin Products and Merino Wool.

Friends and relatives of people living in a Nursing Home offer a  special level of care. Looking after people who reside in a Nursing Home is a difficult and enduring process. One of the major challenges facing all is the prevention of pressure sores.

Nursing homes are faced with many problems when they try to prevent pressure sores in patients who are confined to a bed or wheelchair. Staff are usually instructed to move the client every 2 hours. Incontinence adds an extra layer of problems for staff. Constant cleaning of bedding is necessary. This means that any product that is going to prevent pressure sores in these situations must be able to withstand repeated washing and drying.

All HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin products are warranteed for 50 washes, when washed in Woolskin. Merino wool products are also suitable for this environment and can be washed and dried in the Nursing Home laundry. These products have been tested  and found effective in Clinical trials and are FDA approved.  

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