Incontinence Bedding

Incontinence Bedding

Wool is an ideal fiber for incontinent people. It is soft, machine washable and will prevent Pressure Sores. It should be used 24/7 for best protection. High quality Australian wool is available as Medical Sheepskin and Merino Hospital Fleece Products.

Bedding for incontinent clients must solve a number of issues.

  • Will the bedding keep the person dry?
  • Is the bedding Urine Resistant?
  • Will the product prevent pressure sores?
  • Can the product be easily washed and dried.

Down-Under Wool introduces a new range of Incontinence Bedding Products to North America. These products have been developed in Australia, specifically for  incontinent clients. We recommend that you place a "blue pad" under the product to protect the mattress.

1. HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskins  (M102 & M102C) are tanned to be Urine Resistant (UR)- unlike any other sheepskin. These sheepskins ensure pressure, moisture and friction reduction- the 3 major causes of bedsores, pressure sores and decubitus ulcers. For more information and to order, click on Sheepskin. 

m102c2.jpg M102C

m102overlay-01.jpg M102

2. Pure New Wool- Hospital Nursing Fleece:  30" x 60" -    (F103C)


Pressure reduction and comfort in one product. This extra deep ( 1.5"), luxurious pure new Wool-Pile pad feels like a high quality sheepskin. It is Machine Washable and can be dried in the dryer, using the  Warm setting. The Nursing Fleece is a viable alternative to the Australian Medical Sheepskin. It is larger and dries faster than a sheepskin.

The F103C Hospital Nursing Fleece ( 100% wool)  is large enough to give pressure reduction from the shoulders to the heels of most people. Studies ( see Testimonials )have shown that patients on a Nursing Fleece could be comfortably left un-turned for more than double the usual 2 hour period. Even after four hours there were no obvious pressure points or redness. In all cases, the patient reported relief and increased comfort while using the Nursing Fleece. 

Hospital Nursing Fleeces are Hypoallergenic and are made with anti-bacterial, antifungal - SuperWash wool.
The backing is an allergy barrier, breathable, soft and has 2-way stretch. To order, click on Fleece. 

Also, check out the products listed below. They have been selected because they meet the above needs. All products are machine washable in Woolskin and most can be dried in the dryer. You should be aware that over-drying is harmful to wool. Wool does best with 15% residual moisture.