Merino Wool Bedding

Merino Wool Bedding

Bed..the place we look to for comfort, rest, healing and rejuvenation. Your bed is important, being the place where you spend nearly ⅓ of your life. Wool..the miracle fiber, can enhance the restorative features of your bed.  Wool bedding is comforting. It offers comfort that keeps a person relaxed, cozy and ultimately improves sleep quality. Also, wool bedding improves the life of patients with limited mobility or those confined to bed due to health complications. Wool bedding prevents bedsores and will assist in their treatment.  According to clinical trials, the wool of Australian Medical Sheepskin (AS4480.1) reduces the incidence of bedsores/pressure sores by 58%.

Australian Medical Sheepskin is not only good for relaxed sleep and bedsore prevention, it is easy to manage and maintain. Medical Sheepskins are Urine Resistant and machine washable in Woolskin. Wool can absorb up to 38% of it weight in moisture without feeling wet. This makes the Medical Sheepskin ideal for skincare  and prevents the damage and sores that can develop due to excess sweating. Patients with limited mobility need to be turned every 2 hours and are at great risk of developing bedsores. Medical sheepskin offers high-quality, economical bedsore prevention for such people. In hospitals, nursing homes and at home, wool bedding is the best option for great comfort and protection. Medical sheepskins are highly durable and are not damaged by body fluids.


Bedsores refer to the skin problem that develops due  to long-term sitting or lying in a particular position. Usually bedsores develop in the tail bone area first. This is often followed by pressure sores on the heels. Other sensitive areas like the hip, knees and ears can also be affected. Look for the tell-tale redness of an impending pressure sore. In these parts, blood supply can be reduced by long-time sitting or lying in one place. Low blood flow reduces nutrient and oxygen supply to the cells and they die. This is the beginning of a bedsore/pressure sore. In worse case scenarios, the sores are left untreated and may develop into a life threatening Stage 4 ulcer or decubitus ulcer. Extreme pain and sometimes death results from an infected pressure sore or ulcer.

People who are confined to a bed and have to use a wheelchair  are susceptible to the development of pressure sores. Medical Sheepskin will assist these people and prevent debilitating pressure sores. The dense Merino wool pile of Medical sheepskin makes it easy to avoid pressure problems and to add comfort.


Wool bedding products are highly desire-able and can add comfort and protection to a simple mattress or foam bedding. It is made up of the medical sheepskin that creates a thick wool pile. This makes it more comfortable to sit and sleep. A comfortable sleep and relaxed muscles improves well being and prevents health complications. Wool bedding is a highly customized durable product that is easy to maintain.

Wool bedding is available in different sizes to fit almost every bed size. Also  available for Dialysis Chairs, wheelchairs and recliners. Those who have to sit for a long time in one place often have to deal with bedsores, muscle soreness, poor blood circulation and much more. Wool bedding offers comfort and a highly personalized bedsore prevention option.

Wool bedding offers a new level of comfort, bedsore prevention and an enhanced feeling of well-being. Wool bedding options are many and are available for different bed sizes, chairs, pillows and much more.

If you have a neck problem or are suffering from stiff neck muscles, the wool pillow cover is meant for you. In hospital or at home, Australian Medical Sheepskin products are highly desirable for improved comfort. Wool bedding is not new and has been used for medical care since the 1960’s. It is only recently that the use of wool has been revived. This is due to the development of a specialised tanning technique that allows for Urine Resistance and machine washing at a high temperature. Machine washing in hospital laundries enable easy disinfection of  sheepskins.

Wool bedding is becoming more popular because this natural product has an amazing  array of beneficial properties. Wool is a sustainable product, the best of which, comes from Australia. 


Wool bedding from highly personalized medical sheepskins offer support, comfort, and ease of care.  They are very useful for nursing homes that cater to the elderly, and people with a long term illness. You can use the wool bedding pads, chair covers, and many more for high-quality support and ease of care. It is highly durable and easy to maintain as well. The moisture absorption properties of wool bedding increases comfort and helps to prevent skin breakdown. If cared for properly, wool bedding will last many years.  As well, wool bedding offers bedsore prevention and treatment. 

So, for a better night’s sleep- every night, use WOOL Bedding products.               

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