The Bedsore Prevention Store sells the Australian Medical Sheepskin and Merino WOOL products that are used to protect & treat people with fragile skin. These Australian products (see below) will prevent & treat Bedsores, Pressure Sores and Decubitus Ulcers.

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What Causes Bedsores?

Long hours spent lying in bed can often result in bedsores. Bedsores develop when blood supply to the skin and underlying tissues is reduced or blocked. Reduced  blood supply is often caused by increased pressure on the skin. Increased pressure on the skin may reduce blood supply to the area involved. Oxygen and nutrients will then not be able to reach nearby tissues nor can waste metabolites be removed. Cell death results and a bedsore starts to develop. This is only the beginning. Things get worse if this increased skin pressure persists.

Bedsores start before inflammation and redness of the skin are seen. Redness may progress to deep purple bruises. If pressure in the area is not relieved, further tissue death may occur and skin breakdown begins. Infection becomes an issue with skin breakdown. Sepsis is one of the leading causes of amputation and death.

A decubitus ulcer can invade the tissues below the skin. Some ulcers reach the muscles and underlying bones. Healing may take weeks, months, or even years, Skin grafts may be necessary to seal the wound. Some decubitus ulcers may require further surgery. Therefore, bedsore prevention is preferable to treating  a wound that has developed. Prevention is much simpler and less costly than bedsore treatment. 

Beds and Matresses Purposed for Bed confined People- Special beds, some with alternating pressure mattresses, may be useful for preventing bedsores. They are designed to reduce pressure points in the hope that this will prevent pressure sores. Areas of the body where bony projections are not well covered by muscle and fat are prone to bedsore development. For example, the hip bones, tail bone and heels are most likely to develop bedsores. There are different kinds of "dynamic" surfaces that mechanically reduce the pressure under the patient. The mattress contains air cells that alternately expand and contract to produce a mattress surface that uniformly disperses a person's weight and reduces pressure points. This is not the final answer, however. Many mattresses are made from synthetic material, causing the patient to sweat more than usual.

Australian Medical Sheepskin & Merino Lambswool for Pressure Ulcer Prevention

For bedsore prevention, we recommend Australian Medical Sheepskin and Merino Lambswool products.

These products have undergone extensive clinical trials, and have long term users testify to their effectiveness. Clinical trials have proven that Australian Medical Sheepskin decreases the occurrence of bedsores or pressure sores by 58%. Other sheepskin may be too thin for these purposes, Australian Medical Sheepskin (AS4480.1) are ideal and effective.

Australian Medical Sheepskin and Merino Lambswool products use of Woolskin makes it very easy to manage and maintain them. They are urine resistant and easily washed in a machine. When looked after properly, these products will have a very long life span.

Use of these specialised products will add comfort, protection and peace of mind for caregivers. 

What Else Can I Do to Prevent Bedsores?

Bedsores can be painful and deadly.

The good news is that following a few simple rules can decrease the possibility of developing a bedsore.

  • Firstly, change position at least every 2 hours. Turning stops pressure points developing and improves comfort.

  • Use a Wool / Sheepskin Overlay on the mattress.

  • Take good care of your skin

  • Having a good diet

  • Stay hydrated, quitting smoking, reduce stress, and exercise regularly- if possible.

All of these factors can help to prevent pressure sores and also to treat a person who has already developed pressure sores..

Bedsore and Pressure Sore Prevention is the kindest thing you can do for someone who is confined to a bed or wheelchair. A Pressure Sore can develop in 20 minutes and may take up to 6 months to heal. Some ulcers never heal, in spite of the best efforts of the caregivers. Australian Medical Sheepskin and Merino Lambswool products have been shown to be effective in preventing pressure sores. Clinical trials and long term users testify to their effectiveness. Australian Medical Sheepskins have been shown to be the BEST and most effective in clinical trials. Our 50 wash guarantee indicates manufacturer confidence in this product.

Pressure Sore Prevention is a major concern for all people who are confined or are caring for a person who spends a lot of time in a bed or wheelchair. Prevention is much easier than trying to treat a pressure sore.

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