Top Selling Products

Top Selling Products

Down-Under Wool has been importing Australian Medical Sheepskin (AS4480.1) and other pressure sore prevention products since 1988. All of our products are made of premium Australian Merino Wool and Australian Medical Sheepskin. Products have been tested in clinical trials and registered with the FDA, CE, and TGA.

Down-Under Wool offers a variety of top-selling products for:

  • Bedsore Prevention (sheepskin overlays, pressure care assistants, heel and elbow protectors, and palm protectors),
  • Wheelchair Pressure Sore Prevention (seat covers, armrest support, footplate covers),
  • Footcare (foot warmers, and medical boots).

In addition to this, there are wool bedding products  (pillows, duvets, and fleece) and Pressure Smart XD1900 products for enhanced comfort and a luxurious feel. Also, Down-Under Wool is the North American Agent for Woolskin - the specialised detergent used to clean, disinfect, and condition these pressure sores prevention products.

Features- Soft, smooth, comfy, leather backing, velcro straps, machine washable, machine dryable 

Benefits- Enhanced comfort, pressure redistribution, moisture absorption, friction reduction, urine resistance, together with bedsore and pressure sore prevention

Warranty- Australian Medical Sheepskin (AS 4480.1)  products by Down-Under Wool  are guaranteed for  up to 50-washes in Woolskin.

Shipping- All products are certified and ready to ship by USPS and Canada Post. Overnight UPS delivery is available for an additional charge.

Payment- All transactions are conducted in US dollars (USD). You can also pay in Canadian Dollars (CAD). To do so, call 1-800-463-1985.

Customer Support- Contact us at 1-800-463-1985 to speak to our staff; if you have any questions related to our services or bedsore and pressure sore prevention.

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