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Shear Comfort Chair Pad: SC118XD

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Shear Comfort
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Shear Comfort Chair Pad: SC118XD


The WOOL Chair Pad is designed for those individuals who spend most of their day seated in an armchair or recliner, and who have skin that could be at risk of damage due to heat or perspiration build-up, or from shear forces. The Shear Comfort Chair Pad is made from Shear Comfort extra density XD1900 Merino wool with benefits such as shear and friction reduction, microclimate control, and pressure redistribution.

On a chilly day, the user is kept cosy, being insulated from draughts around the cushion and the back of the chair. The Chair Pad straps can be used to fasten the Chair Pad onto the chair to prevent it from slipping.




The Shear Comfort Chair Pad can be used on a variety of different chairs including arm chairs, gel chairs and recliners. The Pad is made from soft, thick, natural  Merino wool which makes it great for improving comfort and preventing pressure sores.  It provides soft cushioning and makes the chair much more comfortable. This Pad has attached straps, giving you the option to secure it in place.

Shear Comfort White-Wool Chair Pad is:  140 x 50 cm =  55"  x  20"