HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin: M102

Your products are better than those cured in China. Worth the extra cost. We have compared both. Thank you.

Ben: Colorado


Shear Comfort Foot Plate Covers: SC108B



Pressure Smart XD 1900 Overlay: M102XD

 Review: Lilly

 Thankyou for your informative review. Yes, these dense Merino wool pads are very effective, as you have seen. Keep using it

24/7 for maximum benefit.

Woolskin: Sheepskin Conditioner & Cleaner: W103E


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Superior Medical Sheepskin Overlay: SC104



Superior Medical Sheepskin Overlay: SC104


Woolskin: W103E

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Thankyou for your review. Yes, Woolskin certainly is an excellent product.


Pressure Smart XD Overlay

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Sorry your Order took so long to reach you. At this time of the year weather plays a slowing influence. We are pleased that you like our Products.


Premium Medical Sheepskin:


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SC201: Shear Comfort Pressure Care Boot


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M162: Merino Woolly Foot Warmers

-21.jpg Thankyou. great to hear that you like our FootWarmers. Enjoy.


W103E: Woolskin : Sheepskin Detergent & Conditioner: 1.0L


F103A: Hospital Wool Fleece Wheelchair Seat Pad: 18" x 20"


M128AS: HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair/Car Seat Pad:aenie.jpg

M170H: Sheepskin Medical Boot with Hard Sole:



SC110: Shear Comfort Elbow Protector:


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M129D Pillow Soft: Wool Pillow Cover


M161: Wrap Around Booties



 M126: Medical Sheepskin Foot-Plate Cover



M112: Medical Sheepskin Heel Pad



W103: Woolskin: Sheepskin Conditioner and Cleaner



M170S: Medical Sheepskin Boots: Soft Sole



M102XD: Pressure Smart XD 1900 Overlay



L101: Footcare Lambswool



M160: Lambswool Foot Warmers



W103E: Sheepskin Conditioner & Cleaner



M102: Australian Medical Sheepskin Overlay



B101: BabyCare Lambskin



W103: Sheepskin Conditioner & Cleaner



M112: Medical Sheepskin Heel Pad


SC112: Medical Sheepskin Heel Protector-1.jpg