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Medical Sheepskin for Pressure Sore Prevention:

Medical Sheepskin for Pressure Sore Prevention:

You can protect and improve the level of comfort and well-being of your special friend or relative by providing them with Australian Medical Sheepskin and Merino Wool products. Used worldwide in hospitals and nursing homes, these "Gold Standard " products enhance comfort at the same time as they prevent/treat pressure sores, bed sores and decubitus ulcers.

If you need a Medical Sheepskin or Merino Wool product to help a friend, relative or client who is confined to a bed or wheelchair, click "Product List". 

All products aid and are recommended for people who are or may become incontinent. These products are Urine Resistant (UR).  Urine Resistant products will not break down due to incontinence issues; and are recommended for users who are confined to a bed or wheelchair.

See our extensive collection of premium quality Australian Medical Sheepskin & Merino Wool Products by clicking: Product List. Call us at: 1- 800- 463-1985 if you need help with deciding what is best solution for your need. We can guide you through our Product Range and help you decide what  is best for you.

Pressure sores are a serious health problem and can be a life or death issue. Christopher Reeve, aka Superman, died because of an infected pressure injury. Do everything you can to prevent a pressure sore...you may be saving a life.  

Authentic certified Australian Medical Sheepskins are URINE RESISTANT (UR) and have been proven ( in clinical trials )  to be very effective in preventing pressure sores. To see products that solve Pressure Sore problems, click " Product List "

hitempurstamp.jpg Certification stamp on UR Medical Sheepskin products.

Bedsores, pressure injuries and decubitus ulcers can develop in only 20 minutes and many take up to 6 months to heal. Use our Bed Sore Prevention products to protect those who are confined to a bed or wheelchair; before it is too late. Bedsore Prevention is the logical and most humane method you have of caring for those confined to a bed or wheelchair. Improved comfort after hip and knee replacement surgery is remarkable. Bedsores need not develop and 95% of the time, can be prevented. American Family Physician, October 1996: v54, n5, p1519 (14).

Australian wool is the finest and highest quality wool produced. Our company, Down-Under Wool, has brought the best sheepskin and wool products from Australia to North America and has been the benchmark for quality and service in this industry since 1988. These products are made from the BEST Australian Wool and Sheepskin.

Beware: Most sheepskin products do not have proven therapeutic value. Our FDA certified sheepskin and Merino Wool products have proven therapeutic effects and have been shown to be effective in preventing Pressure Sores, Bed Sores and Decubitus Ulcers. Down-Under Wool distributes clinically tested and proven medical sheepskin and lambswool products. Down-Under Wool  products are the BEST available and most effective. 

Shear Comfort medical sheepskin products are guaranteed for up to 50 washes in Woolskin..no other sheepskin manufacturer offers such a guarantee. 

Summer!  Wool excels in warm weather. A common misconception is that "wool and sheepskins are hot in summer. In fact, the converse is true. Wool is an excellent insulator and stops the heat from your mattress or chair from passing to your body. Wool also wicks perspiration away from your skin, making you feel dry and cooler. This all means that our products will make the user more comfortable in summer.

Winter!  Wool is an excellent insulator; making it the ideal fibre for use during the winter. Wool insulates the body against  heat loss. Wool helps to create a constant body temperature and an enhanced feeling of well-being.

Call Us at: 1-800-463-1985

Down-Under Wool is located in Niagara Falls, Canada, and wants to make sure that you receive the products best suited to your Pressure Sore Prevention needs. If you need advice about our products and their use for Pressure Sore Prevention and Treatment or would like to order our products on the phone, please call: 1- 800 - 463 -1985

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To pay in Canadian Dollars, call: 1- 800 - 463 - 1985


It is not difficult to understand why sores develop on heels, the tail-bone and elbows. Here, frail skin meets the unyielding surface of a bed or chair and the circulation is impaired. Tissues are deprived of blood, the skin breaks down and a pressure sore / ulcer develops.

Economical and effective Bedsore & Pressure Sore Prevention and Treatment is now possible with the use of Australian HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin, Pressure Smart XD and Merino Wool products. These products have been proven effective in clinical trials and are approved by the FDA, CE and TGA.

Australian HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin products offer those confined to a bed or wheelchair an economical level of 24/7 protection and will also improve the user's sense of well-being and comfort. HiTemp UR Australian Medical Sheepskins and Pressure Smart XD products are also suitable for use by incontinent clients - all other sheepskin products break down in the presence of urine. Urine resistance is an important property. If a person is not incontinent at present it may develop later, making these long lasting Medical Sheepskins a real asset down the road.

There are other green coloured sheepskins that are being offered on the web at lower prices. The reason for the lower price is that they are not of the same quality, not colour fast, not Urine Resistant and not authentic Australian Medical Sheepskins. In other words, they are not the BEST!

BE AWARE!  Not all GREEN Medical Sheepskins advertised on the internet are the same. Those without the HiTemp UR Stamp (see image below) are not Authentic Australian Medical Sheepskins. That means they may not be Urine Resistant, may have a lower pile density, poorer washability and reduced longevity of usefulness and are not guaranteed for up to 50 washes- in other words "they do not meet the Australian Standard(AS4480.1 1998) for medical sheepskins."

BE AWARE!  Only Authentic Australian Medical Sheepskins are regulated, guaranteed and FDA, TGA, CE approved. All authentic Australian Medical Sheepskin products have this stamp on the leather backing &/or on the product tag. If a product does not have this stamp, how do you know where it comes from or how it has been tanned?

NOTEStamp indicates both HITEMP  AND Urine Resistance (UR)

There are no better sheepskins available. Authentic Australian Medical Sheepskins are guaranteed for up to 50 washes; when washed in Woolskin. No other sheepskin product offers such a warranty! HiTemp UR Australian Medical Sheepskins ( with the stamp ) are "top-of-the-line"- only 5% of all sheepskins tanned in Australia are good enough to warrant this stamp. Some people have also found that these products  help their shingles symptoms.


sc203193.jpg m171blue193.jpg   



Enjoy FREE shipping and handling for orders more than  $180.00 (in Canada  & the Lower 48 States). Orders shipped to addresses outside Canada are Tax FREE. Click on any price to select your home currency. All transactions are processed in US Dollars.

To pay in Canadian $ (CAD) ... call 1-800- 463-1985.     


Use this site to learn about Bedsores & Pressure Sore Prevention: 



Now that you are here, use the box below to find answers to your questions about pressure sores, Merino Wool, Medical Sheepskin and....


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Down-Under Wool recommends :

1. Bedsore/Pressure Sore  Prevention Packages:

( M104, M104XD, M120 M200,M200XD or M107): for complete body protection: BEST

These packages ( see pictures and descriptions below) include one or more HiTemp Urine Resistant Sheepskins ( M102 or  SC104XD) that will protect the user from the shoulders to below the buttocks or the whole body.

The Pressure Care Assistant ( M103XD) is usually placed at the bottom of the bed to protect the heels and ankles; being kept in place by flaps of linen that are wrapped under the mattress.

All products are urine resistant and are recommended for incontinent users. Also included is a bottle of Woolskin (1.0L) for laundering these products. This is sufficient Woolskin to wash the M102 + M103XD twenty times.

M102                                       M102XD                                          M103XD




W103              SC104XD                                         SC104                         M105XD


For more information, Click: Bedsore/Pressure Sore Prevention Packages or any of the above items.

Enjoy FREE Shipping and Handling of these packages in Canada and the Lower 48 States of the USA. UPS Overnight delivery is available to US and Canadian addresses at extra cost.

Click " Contact" to obtain a quote or call: 1-800-463-1985 Click on any price to select your home currency. All online transactions are processed in US Dollars.

2.  New Wool Technology from Australia:

New technology has produced the Pressure Smart XD1900 product line. The feel, texture and pile density of these products is remarkable. They feel, behave and look like top quality sheepskin, but are much easier to look after than sheepskin. And, they are warranteed up to 50 washes in Woolskin.

Pressure Smart XD1900 products are made from 100% Australian Merino Wool. These wool products, with a 30mm pile, have a pile density greater than most sheepskins -  up to 1900 g/square metre.  The pile density of sheepskins vary significantly from one to another; most being much less than this.

All Pressure Smart XD1900 products have this extra dense 1900g/square metre pile of Merino wool with the hand or feel of natural sheepskin. Pressure Smart XD1900 products are proven to effectively redistribute pressure, reduce shear and friction and successfully wick moisture, which all work to prevent skin damage and ulceration. and are FDA approved.

Pressure Smart XD1900 products offer:

  • Pressure Reducing Capability: Greater cushioning in pressure sensitive areas such as   the tailbone area, heels, elbows, ankles and buttocks. Creates 61% reduction in peak pressure.
  • Shear and Friction Management: The wool fibres ability to contour and cushion the body reduces resistance. The Pressure Smart XD1900 surface creates a 38% reduction of shear and friction.
  • Moisture Management: Wool absorbs up to 30% of its weight in water, which means that the skin is kept dry; moisture is wicked away. Wicks moisture away from the skin at nearly the rate developed in Australian Medical grade sheepskins. 
  • Machine Wash and dry: Easy care and remarkable longevity without loss of therapeutic action. Machine wash and dry.
  • Thermal Control Capabilities: Effectively regulates body temperature and can therefore be used in summer and winter.
  • Natural Odour Prevention: Wool is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

 Pressure Smart XD1900 products:

Pressure Smart XD1900 Overlay ( M102XD ) - the Pressure Smart equivalent of M102


Pressure Smart XD1900 Pressure Care Assist (M103XD):

Pressure Smart XD1900 Cushion-It. (M105XD).


Pressure Smart XD1900  Superior Overlay (SC104XD). the Pressure Smart  equivalent of  SC104


3. Superior HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin Pad (SC104): BEST

The Superior HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin Pad provides the ultimate in whole body protection from bedsores and pressure sores. The best parts of 3 premium grade HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskins are sewn together to produce a machine washable pressure sore prevention pad- 30" x 60". This makes them large enough to provide protection from head to toe. Because these premium HiTemp UR Australian Medical Sheepskins have been tanned for urine resistance, they are the only sheepskins suitable for use by incontinent clients- all others will quickly break down.

Down-Under Wool warrants that this product will maintain its properties for up to 50 washes; provided that Woolskin-Sheepskin Shampoo & Conditioner, is used. Woolskin contains Tea Tree Oil- a natural disinfectant, fungicide and dust mite killer.

Also available is the Pressure Smart XD 1900 Superior Overlay- ( SC104XD). These are the same size ( 30" x 60"), have up to twice the amount of wool, are machine washable and machine dry- making them easier to care for than the corresponding sheepskin. Urine Resistant too. Pressure Smart XD Superior Overlays are included in our Deluxe Pressure Sore Prevention Packages.











 4. Wheelchair Pressure Sore Prevention Package ( M120):


                                      This Wheelchair Package  contains:

  • Two Wheelchair Pads (M128AS): made from HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin. Fully adjustable Velcro straps keep the Wheelchair Pads in place. One is placed on the back of the wheelchair, the other on the seat + 

HiTemp Wheelchair Arm Pads-pair ( M125G ): plush Medical Sheepskin under the arms of the client; provide a soft protective layer + 

 HiTemp Wheelchair Foot Plate Covers-pair(M126) protect and comfort bare feet +

 Woolskin ( W103E) : the detergent developed by the tanning industry for the cleaning, disinfection and conditioning of sheepskin. This 1.0L bottle will wash this package 20 times.

Order this package now. Click: "Order now" and save  with FREE shipping

  Enjoy FREE shipping and Handling of this package in continental North America. UPS Overnight delivery is available to US and Canadian addresses at extra cost.

5. Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair Pads:

Australian Medical Sheepskin wheelchair pads prevent pressure sores from developing in people who use a wheelchair. These high pile density pads are Merino sheepskins- the best there is.

 Available as a 17' x 18" Seat Pad in HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin ( M128AS) or as a full chair pad- 18" x 36" ( M128BS) that will cover the seat and the back of the chair. Both pads are held in place by elastic straps. Machine wash in Woolskin to ensure disinfection and conditioning of the leather back of the sheepskin.


                M128AS                                                                           M128BS

For arm protection, use Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair Arm Covers - M125G . Two machine washable strips of sheepskin are held on to the wheelchair arm with Velcro straps- 14" long. Wash with Woolskin.

For foot comfort and protection, use Sheepskin Foot Plate Covers- M126G. Wash with Woolskin.
Click a blue SKU to order.

6. The Hospital Wool Fleece:


The Hospital Wool Fleece offers the benefits of Merino wool in many sizes. To produce The Hospital Wool  Fleece, wool is shorn from the sheep and knitted into a backing material; creating a surface that looks and feels like a sheepskin fleece. These are incredible products with a 30 mm pile with a density of 1050 GSM (grams per square metre).

The premium quality very fine Merino wool in Nursing Fleece has all of the properties of wool that make it so effective. Hospital Wool Fleece pads will reduce pressure, skin moisture and friction- the 3 major causes of pressure sores, bedsores and decubitus ulcers. All products are machine washable and can be dried in the dryer. Best care is provided by washing in Woolskin to condition and disinfect the wool.

Hospital Wool Fleeces are available in the following sizes:

- F103A- 18" x 20"..Wheelchair Seat Cover

- F103B- 18" x 36"..Wheelchair Seat & Back Cover

- F103C - 30" x 60"..Bed Cover

F102 - 35" x 80" ..Hospital Bed Mattress Cover





The Hospital Nursing Fleece:

A bedsore or pressure sore can develop into a Stage 4 ulcer; like the one shown below:

You can prevent this from happening with the judicious use of Australian Medical Sheepskin and Merino Lambswool products.

7. Wool Duvets and Wool Pillows

SnugSleep duvets offer the advantages of wool for a good night's sleep every night. Light, breathable and warm, these duvets add a new level of luxury. Encased in breathable 200 count percale unbleached cotton, wool provides insulation and body moisture control. For more information and to Order, click: Duvet .


Snugsleep Wool Knop Pillows offer the advantages of wool and are moldable to the shape you like. These pillows will keep your neck and head dry, giving you a good nights sleep every night!. This means you will wake up refreshed and free from the stiff neck caused by body moisture evaporating from the neck area. For more information and to Order, click: Pillow.

8. minijumbuklogoblack.jpg   SuperWool Underlay

Twin, Double, Queen and King sizes: Machine Washable

 Placing a MiniJumbuk SuperWool luxurious underlay on your mattress and covering it with a fitted sheet will give you a great nights sleep- every night.

Memory foam mattresses can cause users to feel hot while sleeping. This can be prevented by covering the mattress with a SuperWool Underlay. Available in all bed sizes. For more information and to order, click: Order Underlay







Our HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin products and Pressure Smart XD1900 products are FDA classified for "General Hospital and Personal Use". They also have AustralianGovernment Therapeutic Goods Administration approval (TGA) and the CE mark in Europe. All of these agencies have approved the use of these medical devices for the prevention, relief and the healing of pressure ulcers, bedsores, pressure sores and decubitus ulcers. Bedsore, Bedsore Prevention, MedicalSheepskin and Wool-Pile products can be seen in our OnLine Store.

For exclusive Shear Comfort Pressure Care Products click Shear Comfort.

Use our extensive OnLine Store and secure PayPal payment systems to purchase our Australian Medical Sheepskin and Wool-Pile products. Down-Under Wool imports only the very best Australian Sheepskin and Wool-Pile products. All products are in stock and are immediately available.

Use Australian Medical Sheepskin and Merino Wool products to:

  • prevent and aid the healing of bed sores, pressure sores and pressure ulcers
  • add comfort and enhance the total body well-being of those confined to a bed or wheelchair.


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