Bring Medical Sheepskin Into Your Life

Bring Medical Sheepskin Into Your Life

22nd Dec 2023

Credit: Unsplash

Since ancient times, sheepskins have been used for comfort and therapeutic benefits. The phrase "sheepskin" refers to the animal's skin or hide- with wool attached. They were mainly used for warmth and people were generally unaware of their therapeutic value.

Sheepskin has inherent qualities that significantly impact its use and durability? And it is fantastic for children's health. Interesting? Keep reading to learn more.

1.Sheepskin Is Perfect For Babies

Credit: Unsplash

Sheepskin for newborns not only looks lovely in the nursery or stroller, but it also offers several extra advantages for baby growth.. 


●  Can Help Your Baby Sleep:

Parenting can be stressful at times if not handled properly. That is where sheepskin comes in, as it helps the baby sleep longer and better. The best sheepskins for sleeping are those with short hair- because the dense pile ensures that the sheepskin absorbs pressure without flattening and offers comfortable and natural support that promotes sleep. The ideal material for a sleeping surface is sheepskin because it is naturally permeable, enhances comfort and circulation, dries quickly, and dissipates heat.

●  Regulates Body Temperature:

Sheepskin will keep a baby warm and cozy in the winter, but its ability to control the temperature in the summer is less known. Sheepskin has a natural thermostatic quality, which is partly due to the hollow fibers and breathability of the wool pile. This means that a sheepskin will maintain your child's temperature at a constant level and provide comfort throughout the year, keeping them warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

●  Naturally Moisturizing:

Babies who rest on a sheepskin can receive a natural moisturizing effect and get relief from dry skin issues. This is because sheepskin contains lanolin, which is primarily responsible for the cozy feeling of the material. Lanolin is a waxy substance that makes up between 5 and 25% of the fleece weight and keeps the fibers incredibly soft. Many moisturizers and lotions used to treat dry, itchy skin, contain the same lanolin that is naturally present in sheepskin.

●  Improves Immunity:

According to recent research, the bacteria found in sheepskin can boost the immune system and reduce the likelihood that a person will develop asthma in the future. Sheepskins are inherently hypoallergenic. Infants who slept on sheepskin for the first three months of life had a 41% lower chance of developing asthma.

2. Medical Sheepskins Have Health Benefits:

You may have touched a sheepskin and marveled at how fluffy and soft it is, but did you know that this lovely material offers a wealth of health advantages?  I used to believe that sheepskin was simply something warm and comfortable. As it turns out, Medical Sheepskin offers a wide range of health advantages that are helpful to everyone. Some of them are discussed below.

●  Supports to Relieve Aches And Pains:

One of the inherent qualities of Medical Sheepskin is the crimped strands of hair ( WOOL), which provide your body with natural cushioning. Each fiber's three-dimensional spiral performs the function of a natural spring; thereby reducing pressure. The sensation of warmth, softness, and calming helps people get relief from body aches and pains. Sheepskins are excellent for autistic children since they conform to the shape of the child's body.

●  Reduces Friction and Skin Shear:

The exterior layer of a wool fiber has the advantage of being made of an incredibly smooth protein layer, allowing the fibers of wool to readily rub against one another. This flexible protein layer can easily glide over the skin, reducing the chance of skin breakdown.

●  Medical Sheepskin is Hypoallergenic:

Stroking a sheepskin is incredibly tactile, peaceful, and almost meditative. It is healthy for your skin because of its natural oils, together with its anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties.  Sheepskins are a by-product of sheep farming, and are a product of a sustainable industry. Sheepskins are biodegradable.

●  Improves Blood Circulation:

Your body's ability to control its temperature can assist circulation in general. Dispersing weight and absorbing pressure reduces the possibility of developing a pressure point that might impair circulation. 

●  Prevents Diseases:

It helps prevent pressure sores, bed sores, or decubitus ulcers, which can be very painful and debilitating.

3. Medical Sheepskin Is Durable:

Medical sheepskin is incredibly durable and can withstand washing frequently. It is generally impervious to liquids like blood and urine. That makes it a fantastic option for young people and the elderly. The only natural fiber that can be twisted more than 20,000 times without losing its shape or ripping is sheep wool. When properly maintained, sheepskin can last for decades. Even the softness and shape will last for decades with recommended care.


One can say that sheepskin offers tremendous benefits and can impact on your quality of life. It can make parenting easier, help with a healthy lifestyle, and is hastle free. Moreover, medical sheepskins are easy to clean and disinfect when you use WOOLSKIN detergent..provided your sheepskin has been tanned to be machine washable. Sheepskins not tanned to be machine washable will be permanently damaged in a machine..the leather will harden and the wool fibers will fall out. This will also happen if the wrong detergent is used.. Down-Under Wool only sells machine washable wool products for your convenience and safety.