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Babycare Lambskin & Woolskin Package: B101

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 BabyCare Lambskin with Woolskin: B101

The perfect "Baby Shower"  Gift: 



 Babies sleep longer on a BabyCare lambskin- thousands of Australian mothers know this. The BabyCare Lambskin or Lambskin Baby Rug often becomes the "blankie" of children who are given one. Our champagne colored BabyCare Lambswool pelts are specially chosen for their extremely soft and comforting wool. These lambskins are about 90cm x 60 cm wide (35" long by about 24" wide). Some mothers cut the BabyCare Lambskin in half when the baby is very small. This allows for washing and/or use in the car seat as well as in the crib. It is recommended that the BabyCare Lambskin is covered by a receiving blanket until the baby has head control.


Babies are happier and grow faster on a BabyCare Lambskin. Research has shown that premature babies gain weight faster on a BabyCare Lambskin. Babies also sleep better on a Babycare Lambskin. This lambskin will probably become the baby's "blankie", creating "home" where-ever the Lambskin is.


A 250mL bottle of Woolskin is included in this package. Babycare Lambskins often need washing. There is enough Woolskin in this bottle to wash the BabyCare Lambskin 10 times. Use in the cot, stroller and car seat.

Hand wash in Woolskin.  Air dry on the back of a chair or drying rack.  Woolskin will clean, condition and disinfect the lambskin- keeping it soft and pliable for maximum benefit.

This is one of many products offered by Down-Under Wool for the Prevention of Pressure Sores, Bedsores & Decubitus Ulcers. To see these products click"Product List