HiTemp Bedsore Prevention Package: M104A

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M104A= HiTemp Bedsore Prevention Package = M102C + M103XD + W103E


                  M102C                                                                                                      M103XD                                                          W103

  • M103XD is the Pressure Smart XD1900 Pressure Care Assist. This is a Merino wool pad (12" x 26") with side flaps that wrap around the mattress to keep it in place. It is usually used at the base of the bed to protect the feet of people confined to bed. Approved by the FDA.

  • M102C is the Australian HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin. 24" x 38" .Certified Medical Sheepskin that was authenticated in clinical trials and approved by the FDA. The 30mm dense Merino pile reduces pressure, skin moisture and shear..the 3 major causes of pressure sores. The M102C is large enough to protect most people from the shoulders to below the buttocks. M103XD offers comfort, freedom to move and protection against foot pressure sores.

  • W103 is Woolskin- the Sheepskin Conditioner and Woolwash with Tea Tree Oil- 1.0L. This should be used for the washing of all Medical Sheepskin products and is also recommended for the disinfection and cleaning of Pressure Smart XD products.