Medical Sheepskin Heel Pad: M112

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Medical Sheepskin Heel Pad: M112

Also known as: Heel Poseys or Heel Posies


Stop the development of heel pressure sores with Medical Sheepskin Heel Pads ( M112). Medical Sheepskin Heel Pads form a cup of soft Merino wool that the heel is placed in. A Velcro strap closes off the opening with the desired tension.




Very effective in protecting the heel and ankle bone from pressure ulcers. The dense Merino pile reduces pressure and shear while absorbing moisture, keeping the skin dry. These are the major factors that cause pressure sores.

One size fits all. Usable on either foot.

 Need a more robust Heel Protector? If the user moves their feet a lot in  bed or the product is going to be used "long term", we suggest that you select the Shear Comfort Heel Protector: SC112. These are a little more expensive because of the higher quality Medical Sheepskin used and are sold in pairs. Shear Comfort Heel Protectors have a large velcro contact area for better fitting, are more robust and will remain on the foot. They will last longer with continual use and are guaranteed for 50 washes in Woolskin. 3 sizes are available: Small, Medium and Large.

Another alternative: Pressure Care Assist: M103XD. This is a strip of Pressure Smart XD1900; 12" x 26" with side flaps to wrap around the mattress. The Pressure Care Assist provides pressure reduction for the whole foot and allows for foot movement at the same time.


Hand wash or machine wash in Woolskin. Woolskin will condition and disinfect thNormal household detergents will damage the leather permanently. Air dry.

This is one of many products offered by Down-Under Wool for the Prevention of Pressure Sores, Bedsores & Decubitus Ulcers. To see other products, click"Product List