M112: Washable Sheepskin Heel Pad

Medical Sheepskin Heel Pad (M112)

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Medical Sheepskin Heel Pad:

Also known as: Heel Poseys or Heel Posies.


Medical Sheepskin Heel Pads ( M112) form a cup that the heel is placed in. A Velcro strap closes off the opening with the desired tension. Very effective in protecting the heel and ankle bone from pressure ulcers. The dense Merino wool pile reduces pressure and shear while absorbing moisture to keep the skin dry.

If the user moves their feet a lot in bed, we suggest that you buy the Shear Comfort Heel Protector: SC112. These Heel Protectors have a larger velcro contact area, are more robust and will remain on the foot better.


Hand wash or machine wash in Woolksin. Normal household detergents will damage the leather permanently. Air dry.


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