M103XD: Pressure Care Assistant

Pressure Smart XD1900 Pressure Care Assistant: M103XD

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Pressure Smart XD1900 Pressure Care Assistant: M103XD

BEST for Foot Pressure Sore Prevention.


The Pressure Smart XD Pressure Chare Assistant(M103XD)  is a soft pressure reducing pad of Merino wool (12" x 26") with linen flaps that wrap around the mattress to keep it in place. Most often, it is used at the bottom of the bed to protect the feet and ankles. The soft wool surface provides protection and freedom to move ones feet at the same time. Most users have found using the Pressure Care Assist preferable to wearing Heel Posies.

Can also be used in the buttocks area for localised pressure sore prevention.

Size: 12" deep by 26" wide with linen side flaps.

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Machine wash and machine dry. Wash in Woolskin for best care. Woolskin will condition and  disinfect the wool.



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