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The  Shear  Comfort  Slipper Boot, with a Soft Sole, is designed for protection of people who have swollen feet or pressure sores and are  confined to a bed or chair. They are very "roomy" and sizing is different from the sizing of most footwear. They provide full foot protection; having Velcro straps and a tongue flap down the entire length of the upper part of the boot to  give a secure and adjustable fit. The Velcro straps hold the tongue  in place; making  it easy to put on or remove the Slipper Boot. With full  adjustment possible, the Shear Comfort Slipper Boot provides adaptive protection and comfort.




The Shear Comfort Slipper Boot design ensures the whole foot is fully protected, giving all-round comfort and support when worn in bed or with your feet up. The Slipper Boot, made from HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin with AirTec, will mould to the shape of the foot, and can be comfortably worn in bed. The boot design ensures that the bony prominences of the ankle, the heels and the plantar surfaces of the foot are fully protected.

Shear Comfort Slipper Boots offer comfort and protection when worn in bed, or with your feet up. Sold in Pairs:

 Shear  Comfort Slipper Boots  will:

  •  Reduce Pressure, Shear and Friction and skin moisture- the 3 major causes of Pressure sores
  •  Wick Moisture away from the skin
  •  Prevent Skin Damage & Ulceration

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 Please Note: The Slipper Boot is a "large fitter" - you should order one or more sizes smaller than you would normally order. All are Extra Extra wide fitters, to allow for swelling and bandages.


SC202 XS = Extra  Small..inside sole length is 8.5"

SC202 S=    Small..inside sole length is 9"

SC202 M=   Medium..inside sole length is 10"

SC202 XL = Extra Large..inside sole length is 11"

Please measure foot length before you Order. These are the only sizes we have in stock.


 Customers in Australia: Our partner in Australia will ship this item to you for $20.00.  If you would like to accept this offer, contact us by clicking: Contact. Complete the form and we will send you an Invoice for Payment.


Hand wash in Woolskin to clean and disinfect. Do not use household detergent to wash these Shear Comfort Short Slipper Boots-it will damage the leather. After washing. fill the boots with a towel to complete drying.


Available in sizes XS, S, M, XL. In other footwear, these would be S, M, XL and XXL.



This is one of many products offered by Down-Under Wool for the Prevention of Pressure Sores, Bedsores & Decubitus Ulcers. To see these products, click"Product List