SC204: Shear Comfort Tall Slipper Boot

Shear Comfort Tall Slipper Boot: SC204

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Shear Comfort Tall Slipper Boot:  SC204

The Shear Comfort Tall Slipper Boot - made from Hitemp UR Medical Sheepskin with AirTec, has been designed for people with leg vascular problems and for those at risk of developing leg ulcers. 

 The Merino wool sheepskin readily:

  • reduces pressure
  • absorbs moisture
  • promotes air circulation- enhanced by the AirTec treatment
  • regulates body temperature

The open toe design allows for toe separation and inspection without removing  the boot. Five velcro closures allow for complete control; allowing space for compression bandages and support hosiery. Can be worn in bed, chair, wheelchair or when walking around indoors.

The Shear Comfort Tall Slipper Boot has a  soft suede sole.  Sold in Pairs:

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Small:         14" high with the foot = 91/2" long (outside measurements)..Shoe Sizes to 8
  • Medium:     15" high with the foot = 101/2" long..shoe sizes to 10
  • Large          16" high with the foot = 11 1/2" long..shoe sizes above 10





Hand wash in Woolskin for best care. Air dry out of direct sunlight or away  from heaters. After washing, place a towel inside the boot to complete drying. Do not use household detergent to wash these boots- it will damage the leather permanently.


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