R215: MiniJumbuk SuperWool Underlay

MiniJumbuk SuperWool Underlay: T, D, Q. K : R215

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MiniJumbuk SuperWool Underlay: R215

A wool fleece mattress protector designed to provide natural comfort and a more consistent sleeping temperature:

MiniJumbuk SuperWool Underlays aka:SuperWash Wool Underlays, have a stretch fitted skirt ( 45 cm deep to accomodate deep mattresses) that keeps the wool surface flatter and smoother on the bed. Their SuperWash Wool (450 GSM = 450 Grams of wool per square Meter) resists matting and flattening, keeping the pile soft and fluffy.. The wool pile is about 1.25" high. The soothing wool reduces pressure and absorbs moisture to create an environment that maintains a constant body temperature. Available in 4 mattress sizes. Most commonly used with a fitted sheet.; resulting in the name "Underlay". 

MiniJumbuk is the leading producer of SuperWash Wool Underlays in Australia. Their quality is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer. MiniJumbuk SuperWool Underlays offer "a better nights sleep, every night". 

Available in 4 mattress sizes:

  • Twin:    39" x 75" =   99cm x 191cm

  • Double: 54" x 75" = 137cm x 191cm

  • Queen:  60" x 80" = 152cm x 203cm

  • King:     70" X 80" = 178cm x 203cm

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Before use, shake well or place in dryer using the "fluff cycle" for 10 minutes. This will remove some of the loose wool that accumulates during the manufacturing process.  Loose wool is always released during initial laundering and is of no cause for concern. Frequent shaking and airing will reduce the need for frequent laundering. Any small spills can be easily absorbed by a damp towel.

Should be rotated on the mattress occasionally to even usage and given a good shaking to restore the pile. Hang outside on a windy day to air the Underlay. Machine wash in warm water using a "delicate cycle" with minimum agitation and air dry. Wash in Woolskin for best care.

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This is one of many products offered by Down-Under Wool for the Prevention of Pressure Sores, Bedsores & Decubitus Ulcers. To see these products click"Product List


Customer Review: Feb, 2015:

Hello……Just wanted to let you know that I received the above item today (Feb. 17) along with Woolskin Sheepskin & Wool Detergent.  First, I am amazed at how quickly my order arrived.  It was barely 3 days ago that I ordered it online and now it is here at my home!  The first thing I did was put the underlay in my front load dryer on the “air fluff” setting.  There is absolutely no heat on this setting but it really fluffs up blankets, pillows, etc.  I set it for 30 minutes and at the end of the cycle cleaned the lint screen because it was quite full of lovely, fluffy wool.  I repeated this cycle 2 more times (30 min. each time) and am pretty sure I got a most of the loose, fluffy wool removed.  The end result was an absolutely gorgeous soft-as-a-kitten mattress pad that fits perfectly on my TempurPedic adjustable bed.  I can hardly wait for bedtime tonight! 


Second, I want to thank you so much for your wonderful product(s) and your very reasonable prices in Canadian dollars, not to mention the free shipping.   I researched 4 other websites that sell medical sheepskin and wool mattress pads (underlay) and your product is just as top notch as those on the other sites but you offer a much better price/shipping option.  I was not looking for a cheaper quality, less expensive version of a mattress pad and was willing to pay top dollar for quality.   Even the Woolskin detergent was considerably less on your website than the others  (identical product).  I also liked the fact that you go into great detail about the properties and care of sheepskin and wool products.  I can’t say enough about my shopping experience with Medical Sheepskins.com and Down-Under Wool and will be telling all my friends about it.


Eleanor, Ontario

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    Posted by Unknown on 21st Feb 2016

    This product is one of the best things I have ever purchased. You don't know what you're missing until you sleep on a bed that has a thick, lush wool mattress pad beneath you. Just give it 2 or 3 30-minute cycles in the "air fluff" setting on your clothes dryer (no heat) before you sleep on it the first time. I gave it 3 cycles of 30 minutes each and cleaned the lint trap each time because there was a lot of excess fluffy wool in the trap. I bought a "double" bed size underlay so if you buy a queen or a king size you might want to give it more than 3 cycles in the "air fluff" mode because of the bigger sizing. Once you complete the cycles you are left with a gorgeous ultra-soft and thick underlay which is what you want for sleeping purposes. I LOVE IT!!