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Wool Duvets ( Dooner): T215



 Wool Duvets offer the advantages of wool for a good night's sleep every night. Light, breathable and warm, these duvets add a new level of luxury. Also known  in Australia as a "Dooner".

Hi-bulk premium grade New Zealand wool is used exclusively, to ensure that our duvets have maximum loft and insulation. Specialized carding and manufacturing processes further enhance this natural wool loft for optimum insulation and comfort.  However a great wool is only half the job.  The material that is chosen to cover it is equally important.  We use a soft, drapable percale cotton that allows maximum breathability.  We do not use down-proof cotton or cotton with too high a thread count as these materials greatly reduce wool's unique moisture controlling benefits.






Our Wool Duvets are  encased in breathable 200 count percale unbleached cotton, the wool providing insulation and body moisture control.  Use of a minimal quilting stitch pattern allows the wool fill to regain maximum loft.

To see how Wool Duvets are manufactured, click : WOOL DUVET


 Available for Twin, Double, Queen and King size mattresses.

  • Twin:    64" x 88" = 163cm x 224cm
  • Double: 80" x 88" = 203cm x 224cm
  • Queen:  89" x 90" = 226cm x 229cm
  • King:   90" x 106" = 229cm x 269cm


This product contains carded wool. It should not be laundered regularly. Use a Duvet cover to protect the wool. Dry cleaning is recommended. Be sure to inform the dry cleaner that this is a wool filled product.

Any spills or small stains can be spot washed with warm water and Woolskin in a laundry tub. Rinse with cool water and allow to drain in the tub until it is dry enough to hang for final drying. Regular use of a duvet cover will eliminate the need for frequent cleaning.

This is one of many products offered by Down-Under Wool for the Prevention of Pressure Sores, Bedsores & Decubitus Ulcers. To see these products click"Product List