Which is the best? Green or Blue?

Posted by Down-Under Wool on 30th Jul 2019

Customers often ask us" Which is better..the green or the blue product?" Well it all depends...as is often the case.

The feel or hand of the green Medical Sheepskins is softer, silkier and may have a greater pile density.

The Pressure Smart XD product is easier to care for..machine washable and machine dry. Laundering takes about 3 hours. 

Down-Under wool recommends air drying of the green sheepskins since the wool and leather is more susceptible to damage at high temperatures. Laundering probably takes about 24 hours.

So, for the user, the green Medical Sheepskin is probably BEST. For the care giver, the blue XD product is easier to care for. 

Of course, the Green Medical Sheepskin is the only the BEST if you care for it properly!