Footcare Lambswool: L101

Footcare Lambswool - 6 x 10g

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  • What is it?  100% Fine Australian Merino Wool - 18 - 20 microns. A completely natural, washable, reusable product  Imported from Australia.
  •  What do you use it for? To wrap around toes, bone spurs, tender spots, or blister-prone areas AND to pack the ends of boots and ballet shoes
  •  What does it do? Cushions and protects the skin   Prevents friction and absorbs moisture that can cause blisters
  •  How do you use it? Tease the wool apart to form a rope.   Wrap the rope around the toe or affected area. Tape a small ball of wool to the back of the heel, or other blister prone area. We recommend using duct tape or Leukotape™ to secure the wool to the skin – best when skin is dry. 
  •  Who uses this product? People with Diabetes – to protect fragile skin and avoid abrasion   Outdoor enthusiasts prone to blisters, bone spurs, or “hot spots” – skiers & hikers.  Ballet dancers – to pack into the toe of pointe shoes
  • How is it made? It is shorn from sheep (causing no pain to the animal), cleaned, combed, and carded into a thick rope approximately 4cm diameter and 50cm long.    The rope can be teased and pulled apart to a desired thickness and cut to an appropriate length.
  •  How do you clean it? We recommend washing the Footcare Lambswool with Woolskin with Tea Tree Oil. This Antibacterial Liquid Wash is ideal for washing all wool and other natural fibre products, in a small batch or in a washing machine.
  •  How is it sold? Sold as a 6-pack of 10g Footcare Lambswool packets.


 Use Woolskin to clean, condition and disinfect the Footcare Lambswool. Can be machine washed by putting in a sock or that it does not get lost.

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