M125G: Sheepskin Wheelchair Arm Pads:

HiTemp Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair Arm Pads: Green

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 HiTemp Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair Arm Pads:

 HiTemp Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair Arm Padsmade from Australian HiTemp Medical Sheepskin, are fully washable and are 14" long.  Medical Green colour. Sold in matching pairs, the pads attach to the arm of the wheelchair with velcro straps. Also available in LowTemp Medical Sheepskin-Beige - M125B. 

The cushioning provided by the soft 30mm wool pile will reduce the pressure exerted on the forearm and hand. Comfort level is improved because of pressure reduction and skin moisture absorption. Wool absorbs moisture up to 33% of its weght before it feels wet.


Wash these Sheepskin Wheelchair Arm Pads as you would a good  woolen sweater. We recommend that you use Woolskin-  a detergent developed by the sheepskin tanning industry for the washing and disinfection of sheepskin. Air  dry.

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