Australian Medical Sheepskin

Pressure Sore Prevention using Australian Medical Sheepskin AS4480.1 

A recent study has confirmed that Medical Sheepskin and/or Merino Wool pads are ideal choices for the Prevention of Pressure Sores, Bed Sores and Decubitus Ulcers.

Australian Medical Sheepskin AS4480.1 is now available in 4 formats ( All are HiTemp and UR):

1. Australian Medical Sheepskin Overlay ( AS4480.1: M102)- Natural Shape

Australian Medical Sheepskins are for people who need Pressure Sore Prevention and want improved comfort in a bed or chair.

2. Australian Medical Sheepskin-AS4480.1- Rectangular :  24" x 36"

The Curly Wool Australian Medical Sheepskin pad adds a new level of Pressure Sore Prevention.

3. Australian Medical sheepskin Superior Overlay- HiTemp UR: 30" x 60" : SC104

Superior Overlays provide whole body protection for all - including those who are incontinent.

4.  Australian Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair/Car Seat Pad: 16" x 19" : M128AS

The Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair/Car Seat Pads are made from the very BEST HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin.

 Also, consider the following products"

Superior Overlay-Pressure Smart XD 1900: SC104XD

This Pressure Smart XD Superior Overlay offers a new wool technology for the Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Sores,

Wool at its BEST. The F103C offers exceptional comfort, pressure, moisture & shear reduction.

The Shear Comfort Wrap Around Boot has been designed for those who require protective footwear that is easy to put on

Woolskin is the Sheepskin & Wool Detergent and Conditioner, developed by the tanning industry in Australia.

WOOL!!! Ideal for Pressure Sore Prevention

Pressure sores and bed sores are major causes of increased healthcare costs and are major causes of patient discomfort in people confined to a bed or wheelchair. More often than not, pressure sores develop because of pressure build up in localized areas, causing tissues to die. With continued pressure and lack of patient turning, pressure sores develop quickly.

Pressure sores can develop in 20 minutes and may take up 6 months to heal. Fortunately, pressure ulcers can now be prevented in most cases by using a very simple and effective solution – Merino Wool pads or Medical Sheepskin.

In a clinical trial conducted in Melbourne’s largest hospital, Medical Sheepskins reduced the incidence of pressure sores by 58%. Since then, many people in hospitals, nursing homes and in their own homes have discovered the benefits of these wool products. It is the WOOL that does the prevention and aids the healing.

Washer Friendly..Machine washable in Woolskin

Our Medical Sheepskins can be repeatedly machine washed and still retain their therapeutic properties. The special tanning process, developed by the CSIRO, makes these sheepskins capable of withstanding thermal disinfection and are resistant to urine. They are HiTemp and UR ( Urine Resistant)- making them suitable for incontinent patients. The stamp on all authentic Australian Medical sheepskin AS4480.1 verifies these properties.

Dense Merino Wool..the BEST

Specially selected high pile density Medical Sheepskins are resilient and can stand up to years of use while easing the pain of the pressure points and preventing pressure sores. The wool is clipped to a height of 30mm for maximum pressure reduction.

Say Goodbye to Moisture

Our Medical Sheepskins wick moisture away from the body, making the user feel more comfortable. Medical sheepskins are most effective when the patient’s skin is in direct contact with the wool. Best effects are achieved by lying directly on the wool. WOOL..the miracle fiber, has beneficial properties not found in other natural or synthetic fibers.

Perfect for the Medical Sectors

Medical sheepskins are durable and economical, making them ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, for patients in wheelchairs and can be used domestically for beds and chairs.

Our Products

Get your hands on a variety of high-quality Medical Sheepskin products that can be purchased directly from this website.

Medical Sheepskin Footwear

Our medical footwear is exactly what the doctor has ordered. It is made from 100% genuine Australian Medical Sheepskin. Our medical sheepskin slippers were designed by experienced orthopedic specialists to protect the sorest of feet. They are devoid of any pressure points that may lead to pressure problems for the wearer.

Other benefits:

  • Our medical footwear provides maximum durability with the sturdy orthopedic sole.
  • Are easy to slide your foot into and adjust for the perfect fit with Velcro straps.
  • Ideal for people that have just had a surgery or for diabetics dealing with poor foot circulation.
Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair Arm Rest Protectors

Our 100% genuine medical sheepskin wheelchair arm rest protectors feature dense and resilient medical sheepskin which protects and comforts the user.

Other benefits:

  • It is perfect for ambulatory patients or for anyone who has reduced mobility.
  • It absorbs twenty-five times more moisture than the synthetic wheelchair arm rests.
  • Get increased air circulation for warmth in the winters and for coolness in the summers.
  • It keeps your skin healthy.

Medical Sheepskin Crutch Cover Set

  • Reduce under-arm and hand pressure and sweating and eliminate soreness.
  • Machine washable
  • Made from 100% genuine Australian medical sheepskin
  • Easily added or removed from crutches.
Medical Sheepskin Bedding

Medical Sheepskin is soothing and portable and has been used for comfort and protection for centuries. But there were washing problems – the leather would go hard and the wool would fall out. These problems were solved in 1998 with the introduction of the ..Australian Medical sheepskin AS4480.1 This new tanning technology has created a new way of caring for people confined to a bed or chair. Our sheepskins are tanned so that they can be easily washed in the machine and disinfected at the same important issue for infection prevention..

Due to this development our sheepskins are used extensively to prevent:

  • Pressure sores
  • Bed sores
  • Decubitus ulcers

Pressure Smart XD1900 Bedding

Get the following benefits with the use of our Pressure Smart XD1900 bedding:

  • Increased comfort
  • Skin Ulcer Prevention
  • Enhanced Wound Healing
  • Improved Sleep
  • Increased Infection Control
  • Hypo-allergenicity
  • Fire Retardancy
  • Increased Shear Reduction- less friction means fewer skin tears
  • Adequate Pressure Redistribution
  • Effective Temperature Regulation
  • Enhanced Perspiration dissipation


Having difficulty getting that ‘good nights’ sleep? Then worry no more. Our wool bedding is the ultimate solution for your problem. Our SuperWool Underlays, Wool Duvets and Wool Pillows together make a perfect environment for sleeping.

Other benefits:

  • It provides a constant body temperature using microclimate technology.
  • More restful sleep
  • Prevents pressure sores, decubitus ulcers and bedsores with our select bedding.

Incontinence Bedding

Wool is the ultimate fiber for incontinent patients. It can be washed repeatedly and still retain its therapeutic properties. Wool in Medical sheepskin or Merino wool pile is fine, soft, durable and it prevents bedsores.

Other benefits:

  • Urine Resistant
  • Pressure reduction
  • Decreased friction
  • Moisture reduction

Benefits of Australian Medical Sheepskin

Even weight distribution

  • The very high wool pile density in Medical Sheepskins means that your body weight can be distributed evenly; eliminating painful pressure points.
  • It can easily conform to a person’s body because of the soft leather backing and springy wool fibers
  • Even weight distribution improves blood flow and relieves pressure.

Maintains Constant Body Temperature

  • The steady airflow between the fibers leads to the maintenance of constant body temperature.
  • The breath-ability of the sheepskin makes it ideal for the use in summer and winter.

Urine Resistant

  • Medical sheepskin has been specially tanned to make it resistant to the effects of urine.

So, why Down-Under Wool?

Deciding what to purchase can be difficult at times. We provide our customers with premium quality Australian medical sheepskin.

  • An ideal choice for Bedsore Prevention

The Australian Medical Sheepskin has unique softness due to the unique tanning process used. This softness leads to reduced shear which could otherwise contribute to the development of bed sores.

  • Gets rid of Moisture

The fine wool fibers while reducing the pressure on the skin, also wicks away the moisture from it.

  • Hypoallergenic Nature