Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ:

Q. My father has a bed sore at the base of his tail bone. What can I do to help him?

A. Do not use a donut. This will make the bedsore worse, since it will cut down on the circulation to the effected area. Bedsores are caused by a number of factors. If you reduce or eliminate these factors, the bedsore will heal. The 3 most important factors are: Pressure, Friction and Moisture. Our M102, the HiTemp Urine Resistant Medical Sheepskins ( AS4480.1) will reduce all 3 factors and will give the skin a chance to heal. We recommend that you have your father lie directly on the sheepskin ( skin in contact with the wool)  for added comfort and best pressure sore prevention. 

Q. My mother is confined to bed and has heel sores. What would you recommend?

A. Placing the heels directly on Medical Sheepskin will reduce or eliminate the causes of the sores. We recommend that you use the M103XD: Pressure Care Assistant. This is a pad of Pressure Smart XD 1990 ( 24" X 12" ) with side flaps that can be tucked under the mattress to keep it in place.

Q. I see that you have 2 kinds of Medical Sheepskin. What is the difference between them?

A. The HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin(M102) is the highest quality sheepskin available. The pile density is very high and the sheepskin has been tanned so that it will not break down in the presence of urine. Ideal for incontinent patients. Excellent washability. They can be washed up to 80C, providing thermal disinfection. Some of these sheepskins have now been in hospitals for more than 2 years and have been washed more than 200 times in woolskin.

The  M101 Medical Sheepskin is a high quality chrome tanned lambskin. The pile density is very good and has good washability with woolskin. Wash in water with woolskin up to 30C. Wash as you would a good woolen sweater. These lambskins are not urine resistant and will break down in the presence of urine. Not recommended for incontinent clients.

Q. My mother is confined to her bed and wheelchair. How can I protect her from getting bedsores?

A. We would recommend that she uses the M102: HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin in the bed and wheelchair. They are easily moved. To prevent heel sores we suggest you use the M103XD: Pressure Care Assistant . Both products should be washed in W103: Woolskin- the best product for washing sheepskin and wool.

Q. How do I order your products?
A. You can see and order our products from our secure on-line store. Here you can order what you need, pay with your credit card and get immediate delivery. To go to the store, click:Online Store
You can also call: 1- 800 - 463 - 1985 and talk to our Bedsore Prevention Specialists; if you would prefer. We can offer suggestions for your situation and you can also place an order by phone.

Q. How long will it take to get an order to me?
A. Most orders will arrive within 3-5 business days. Orders are delivered by CanPar/Canada Post in Canada and UPS in the US. International orders are sent by insured Air Mail.

Q. How much is Shipping & Handling?

A. We offer FREE Shipping & Handling for all orders over USD $180.00 .  This offer is only for orders shipped to  addresses in Canada and the Lower 48 States of the USA.  For all other Shipping costs, click Ordering:

Q. What is your Privacy Policy?

A. Your Privacy is Our Concern!

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Q. Do you guarantee your products?

A. Our Warranty:

Down-Under Wool stands behind their products; knowing that they are the best available. They are guaranteed against material imperfections and construction defects. If you have a problem with any of our products, please contact us and we will endeavor to solve the problem. We want to keep you as a valued customer and will do all in our power to keep you satisfied with our products.

You should be aware however, that sheepskin is a natural product and that every sheepskin is slightly different from others. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or occurrences out of the manufacturers control.

Please note: Sheepskin products will change their appearance once washed. After the first wash the wool fibres will revert back to their natural shape, providing even greater comfort and performance.

Should you have any problems with any of our products, please contact us first. We will discuss the problem and the possible solutions that we can offer.  We will willingly accept the return of unused items. All returns must be post prepaid.  The administrative charge for returning unused items, returned in perfect order, is 5% of the order.  The total cost of the returned item, minus the original shipping cost  and administrative charge,  will be credited back to your credit card account upon reception of the returned items. Only items received less than 30 days after shipping will be accepted.

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If an alternate method of return is used, we have found that brokerage/duty charges may be applied.

Returned goods should be sent to:

Down-Under Wool

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The RAN = Return Authorization Number, obtained from Down-Under Wool by phone or email, should be clearly marked on the outside of the returning package.