Deluxe Pressure Sore Prevention Package: M107

Bedsore Prevention Packages: M104

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Use a Bedsore Prevention Package for BEST Protection: M104

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Use a Bedsore Prevention Package for early intervention and whole body protection. Bedsore Prevention Packages offer a cost effective method of caring for those confined to bed or a wheelchair. Protect those that you care for, improve their comfort level  and add a new sense of well being with one of these Bedsore Prevention Packages. Pressure Sore Prevention Packages contain Pure New Wool products and Woolskin for their conditioning and disinfection.

Buy 2 or 3 HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin Overlays or Pressure Smart XD1900 Overlays. This way you can provide 24/7 protection; even when washing is necessary. Sheepskin/Pressure Smart XD products should be used in both the bed and wheelchair for best protection.

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Select from 5 Bedsore Prevention Packages:   

M104A     = HiTemp Wash UR Medical Sheepskin Package

                 = M102 + M103XD + W103E                                    

m102-opt.jpg    hitempstamp364x490.jpg +  m103xdopt.jpg+          woolskin1.0l.jpeg                        


M104XD          Merino Wool Pressure Smart XD1900 Package:

                         M102XD + M103XD + W103E

              m102xdopt.jpg      +            m103xdopt.jpg    +  woolskin1.0l.jpeg    



M200= Superior Medical Sheepskin Bedsore Prevention Package (BEST)

           SC104 + W103E                


                           sc104opt.jpg  +  woolskin1.0l.jpeg

                                       SC104                                       W103E (1.0L)

M200XD      = Superior XD1900 Bedsore Prevention Package

                SC104XD + W103E

              sc104xdaloneopt.jpg               +   woolskin1.0l.jpeg

                  SC104XD                                                     W103E (1.0 L)

M107     = Deluxe XD Pressure Sore Prevention Package

              = SC104XD + M129D  + W103E     

    sc104xdaloneopt.jpg SC104XD                                                                                                               m129d.jpg       +                                         woolskin1.0l.jpeg

                                 M129D                                                                              W103E (1.0L)

     Pressure Sore Prevention Products in Packages:

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M101 is the Low Temperature Wash Medical Sheepskin. The very  dense champagne coloured wool pile on this hide offers excellent skin protection and comfort. Not suitable for incontinent clients.  Machine washable in Woolskin- Air dry.


M102 is the Australian HiTemp UR Medical  Sheepskin Overlay.   The natural shape, 30mm (about 1.25") dense pile will protect the body from the shoulders to below the buttocks. These Highest quality  Medical Sheepskins are about 38" X 30".

These are the only Medical Sheepskins available that are Urine Resistant; making them the only sheepskins suitable for incontinent  clients.  ( Please Note: If UR is not included on the label on the back of a Medical Sheepskin, it is not Urine Resistant and should  not be used for incontinent clients ).

Machine wash in  Woolskin  to condition, disinfect and clean. Air dry is best.


M102XD is the Pressure Smart   XD1900 Overlay. The extremely dense pile ( up to 1900 g/m2 ) offers a new level  of protection- not seen before. This rectangular Merino wool pad, which is FDA approved, is 26" x   39.5"= 65cm x 100cm. Urine Resistant; making it suitable for incontinent users.

Machine wash in Woolskin and machine dry.


M103XD is a 12" X  26" strip of  Pressure Smart XD1900 with side flaps that wrap around the mattress to  keep it in place. This is usually used at the base of the bed to prevent heel pressure sores. The Pressure Care Assist allows for free foot movement and protection at the same time- unlike Medical Sheepskin Heel Pads ( M112).  Pressure  Smart XD1900 is Urine Resistant.

Machine wash in Woolskin and machine dry.


SC104 is the Superior HiTemp UR Overlay. This machine washable  overlay is 30" X  60";  being large enough to protect the whole body from shoulders to toes. Made  from the best parts of three or more HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskins, the SC104 offers protection and  comfort, creating a new sense of well being for the user. The wool is "silkier" than in the SC104XD and has therefore a more lush feeling.

Machine wash in Woolskin  and dry on the back of a chair or drying rack.


SC104XD is the Superior XD Overlay. It is the same size as the  SC104 ( 30" x 60" ) and is made  from  pure Merino wool. The 1900 g/m 2 fleece offers pressure  reduction like no other product. And, it is machine washable and machine dry; making it very easy to launder.

Machine wash in Woolskin and machine dry.


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