M101: LowTemp Medical Sheepskin - Champagne

Medical Sheepskin- Low Temp Wash (M101)

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Australian Medical Sheepskin..LowTemp Wash

Excellent Quality

These specially selected large lambskins are luxurious and functional; being therapeutic to touch and excellent for pressure sore prevention. Their silky soft dense Merino wool pile adds a new sense of well being to the user. The leather backing is well buffed and soft. Ideal for use on a chair, airplane seat, recliner, chesterfield, car seat or wheelchair. These luxurious, soothing, double chrome tanned sheepskins are large: approx 30" x 40"...greater than 0.8 square metres. They have a very dense 30 mm champagne coloured pile and offer excellent pressure sore prevention together with moisture and shear reduction - the 3  major causes of pressure sores, bedsores and decubitus ulcers.

If the client is continent, this LowTemp Wash Medical Sheepskin will give excellent pressure sore prevention from the shoulder to below the buttocks. Use in the bed, wheelchair or on the sofa. They are wonderfully soft and they add a new sense of well-being to the user.

NOT recommended for incontinent clients because they are not UR (Urine Resistant) and will be permanently damaged by urine and  faeces. For incontinent clients we recommend our: 


Machine washable in Woolskin. Use cool water and a low agitation washing cycle. After washing, dry on a drying rack or on the back of a chair with the leather facing  up. Do not dry in the sun or near  direct heat. Normal household detergents will damage the leather of this product.

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