Pressure Sore Prevention in hospitals, using sheepskins, started way back in the 1950's. Care givers placed sheepskins under patients to prevent Pressure Sores. But, there was a problem- Sheepskin Care. Hospital laundry procedures caused the leather backing of the sheepskin to harden and shrink. This made the sheepskin less comforting and less effective. CSIRO research solved these problems by developing and testing what is now known as the Australian Standard (AS) for Medical Sheepskin : Australian Medical Sheepskin AS4480.1 ....the GOLD STANDARD for Medical Sheepskins.

Pressure sores can develop in less than 20 minutes and may take up to 6 months to heal. Fortunately, pressure sores/ulcers can now be prevented, in most cases, by using Australian Medical Sheepskin AS4480.1 and other Merino WOOL products.

WOOL! It is the WOOL that does the pressure sore prevention and aids healing.

Australian Medical Sheepskin AS4480.1 is now available in 4 formats-all are HiTemp wash for disinfection and Urine Resistant = UR:

  • AMS 8840.1 Australian Medical Sheepskin
  • HiTemp UR Stamp

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