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Down-Under Wool believes in the efficacy and quality of the products they import from Australia. During our 36 years of importing customers have consistantly reported the positive effects of our Pressure Sore Prevention products. HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin prevents pressure sores in people confined to a bed or wheelchair- including those with incontinence issues. Preventing pressure sores is now possible with the use of HiTemp UR Australian Medical Sheepskin AS4480.1 and therapeutic wool products. HiTemp means that the sheepskin can be safely washed in water up to 80oC for disinfection and UR means that the sheepskin will not be damaged by urine and/or feces- an important concern for incontinent users. Only green wool sheepskins with a stamp on the backing are authentic Australian Medical Sheepskins that are both HiTemp AND UR.

Down-Under Wool recommends:

  • AMS 8840.1 Australian Medical Sheepskin
  • HiTemp UR Stamp

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Woolskin is the Sheepskin Detergent and Conditioner, developed by the tanning industry in Australia.<
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